A Practice in Spiritual Maturity

This discipleship course will cover the basic principles of the Christian faith. And it will equip you to be able to study and interpret scripture for yourself in a new and exciting way, to be able to share your faith and to be able to mentor others in their faith.

Why is this course called Followers of the Way?

The early followers of Jesus were first known as The Followers of The Way. It was Jesus' claim to be, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. With His ministry, a great following grew from His teachings, and He transformed the lives of many. Lives that were once deeply seeded in religious tradition and lawful adherence, to lives rescued by mercy, grace, love and hope.

When we decide to become followers of Jesus, our lives will be transformed and our new life will grow to resemble the one whom we are following: Jesus Christ; God in the flesh, the one who brings life in it's fullest and the one who is the source for real purpose and fulfillment meant for all people.

This material may be covered personally, one-on-one or in a classroom setting.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about joining a group contact me,

Debbie Fredrickson (email)
Ministry of Discipleship & Mentoring

1. The Call To Follow Jesus

2. My New Life in Christ

The Disciples Path

3. A Life Devoted to Prayer

4. A Life Devoted to God's Word

5. A Life Devoted to Service

6. A Life Devoted to Generosity

7. A Life Devoted to Love

8. The Disciples Covenant