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Our Team.

Meet the team that makes it all happen for our church. We are so very blessed and grateful for our core leadership for the direction, leadership, and dedication to our church, our families, and our community. Take a moment to get to know them better, and give them a big hug the next time you see them around campus.


John Walker

Interim Pastor

Born in Tallulah, Louisiana, April 13, 1946. Accepted Jesus in 1955 at St. Luke Baptist Church. Army service 1965-67 (Vietnam Vet), reaching SGT. E-5. Joined St. Rest Baptist Church, served 1969-76. Moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1976, joined New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Acknowledged call to preach in 1995, served in various roles, co-pastor at Mt. Zion from 2001-2005. Joined Muldoon Road Baptist Church 2005-2011, then moved to Mill Valley for seminary. Relocated to Sacramento in 2013, currently serving as Interim Pastor. Grateful to be part of this congregation.


Gail Hartis

Admin - Office Assistant

Gail Hartis, a cornerstone at Hillsdale Boulevard Baptist Church, embodies warmth and dedication. Despite global travels, Sacramento is her cherished home. From the church's inception, Gail serves with a large, compassionate heart, undertaking any task with unwavering commitment. She stands as a vital pillar in the HBBC community, contributing to its vibrant spirit.


Christian Hartis

Director of Worship

Christian Hartis, a Sacramento native, grew up in Foothill Farms and North Highlands. Graduated from Foothill High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of California, Davis. Raised in Hillsdale Boulevard Baptist Church (HBBC), mentored by the late Luke Gertner. Christian, currently serving as Minister of Music at HBBC, began as an interim in 2013 and was later voted in as a permanent staff member. Outside of HBBC, he works as a Contract Administrator for the Placer County Executive Office. Married to his wife, Brie Hartis, he is dedicated to fostering unity, fellowship, and community engagement at HBBC.


Nancy Gemignani

Admin - Office Asistant

Nancy Gemignani, a Sacramento native, has devoted many years in dedicated service to Hillsdale Baptist Church. Her unwavering commitment and Sacramento roots make her a cherished cornerstone in the heart of the HBBC community.


916 - 331 - 2741


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