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Small Groups
and Sunday School

What is a Small Group? 

A Small Group is an intentional gathering. People that join smalls groups share a their spiritual journey together, and plan their meetings with a purpose. Small groups meet regularly at a scheduled time and know when to expect their next meeting. 

Hartis Small Group

The Hartis Small group meets every other Tuesday evening at 7:00PM in the Church Choir Room. 

Walk Through The Bible

Walk Through the Bible is an in depth class focused on a more thorough examination of scripture and theology. This class is led by Al Sousa in the Education Building.

Forging Faith

Forging Faith is a Young Men's class led by Stephen Robinson in Room 1 of the main Church Building.

Little Warriors

1-6th Grade class led by Andrea Duncan and Kim Wynn in the Education Building.

Walker Small Group

The Walker Small group meets every other Sunday evening at the Church in the Choir Room.

Senior Ladies

Senior Ladies is led by Sharron Schady in Room 2 of the main Church building. This class is catered to women 55+.

Beautiful Heavenly Creatures

7-12th Grade Girls class led by Cindy Thornburg in the Main Church Building.

True Believers

True Believers is a Sunday School for adults of all ages, both men and women. This class is led by Eloise Mitchell in the Choir Room.

Pursuing Wisdom

Pursuing Wisdom is led by Rob Ashburn in Room 5 of the Main Church building, catered to new adult believers.

Firm Foundation

7-12th Grade Boys class led by Christian Hartis in the Main Church building.

Need more information?

Please contact our church office at (916)331-2741 or visit the our Cafe to ask what class would work best for you!

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