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Church fellowship dinners play a vital role in building relationships and creating a sense of unity among believers, but they also foster connections between our members and our community.  


Sharing a meal together creates an inviting focal point and allows attendees to immediately participate in something together. Sharing a meal helps reduce fears and encourages newcomers to feel welcome.


The subject of food itself becomes a natural topic of conversation that everyone has in common. Over a meal, personal conversations flow more easily, and barriers come down. There’s something about eating together that puts people at ease and encourages meaningful interactions.


Biblical Practice: Gathering to share food is a biblical spiritual practice. Jesus often ate with both familiar and unfamiliar people. Community meals provide an opportunity to follow this example and connect with others in a meaningful way.

Dinner is server at 5:30PM
Prayer and Bible Study at 6:30PM

Upcoming Meals 2024

Wednesday Night Dinner

If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact the front office.

Phone - (916)-331-2741

Email -

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